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Welcome to Adastra7

Offering services for public use as a project since 2017, feel free to join our discord to get more details on how to use them, support of your technical shenanigans, silly E-Mail addresses or to rant about your countries ISP.

Please note that Adastra7 is the successor of and is a rolling project where things are updated and improved over time, therefore expect some small hiccups from time to time

With that out of the way I hope you'll have a vastly improved experience using Adastra7 and happy chit chatting!

Current projects

Working on SIP shenanigans

I am once again working on more SIP shenanigans going the Asterisk route instead of FreeSWITCH, Routing SIP calls through NAT networks is a true struggle and so is finding a good enough web based GUI for a telephony system which is why I'm looking at working with Asterisk for now.

- crt

Improving Adastra7

Adastra7 is meant to be built better from the ground up compared to 512mb, Most of the key problems with 512mb have now been resolved but with a new setup there are new problems, which are the ones I mostly spend my available free time on fixing.

- crt

Rework of this website

512mb's old website was near perfect however with the discontinuation of many services as well as changes to others im working on redoing this website to be optimized for what Adastra7 is supposed to be

- crt

Building Reno

Reno is my next big desktop project, which was initially a continuation of my previous AwesomeWM config. The functionality of Reno has been growing ever since, and eventually I'm planning to add a GTK configuration app for it.

- Yessiest

Offsite backup

Since my old offsite backup solution is nolonger applicable I'm working on a new one which will either be on Hetzner servers or at someone elses place.

- crt

Building the tools

I'm practically the most active person on 512mb in terms of uploading to gitea, so you can find most of the stuff I do on Adastra7's gitea page. Currently I'm building Heimdall - the bridge for all of my bots to connect XMPP, Discord, IRC, Mumble and so on.

- Yessiest

Who runs this madness?


I basically run most of this mess. Adastra7 is basically my rework of because of stability issues. Basically I maintain this website and all the servers that run it.


Very good friend of mine, he is really active on our discord server and will probably be able to help you out with your issues if I am not available.

512mb/Adastra7 members

Big thanks to Yessiest for developing the 512mb/Adastra7 discord bot and keeping the community active. Also big thanks to all our members as well. You make up most of what 512mb is.

Here you can spy on whos online right now.

Why not join yourself and have a rant about which distro is better?

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