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This is a repo for school, please don't dox me thank you Also don't look at the revision list thank you

Password Manager

For my password manager I've went with Vaultwarden, This decision was made due to the ability to selfhost it which I generally prefer over services not hosted at my home.

Now there are some things that I had to consider before choosing this, First of all being why not use bitwarden, Some of those reasons being listed here:

  • Not free
  • Near impossible to set up without docker or workarounds
  • Not truly free software
  • Hard to backup and update without breaking things

Vaultwarden is basically a rust based replacement to bitwardens server side that works with bitwardens clients, This way I have the broad client support and the fact that it can run in a CT without issues makes it more suitable for my needs.

In terms of data safety I am confident enough that there should not be any major dataloss that could acure due to the fact that in the 5 years of running 512mb (and its soon to be more stable brother adastra7) I've never lost data of any critical services thanks to those being backed up in multiple offsite locations (which also store both a server with the HDD's in it and cold storage)

(It is quiet impressive to think that 512mb has sufficed only one security breach which was contained to a single VM that ran some minecraft servers back when log4j caused huge shivers arround the world)

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