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Reno is the second iteration of the AWMTK-powered AwesomeWM config.

Updated 5 days ago

i made this thing in 31 minutes and i'm not proud of it

Updated 1 week ago

Ruby 0 0

Minimalistic modular markdown parser in Ruby

Updated 4 weeks ago

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Mirror of the bot on github (

Updated 2 months ago

A binding to libqalculate for lua

Updated 4 months ago

updatin my description thing because i don't like the word workflow

Updated 5 months ago

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Simple bridge server for various bots of mine

Updated 6 months ago

PSI iconpack with emojis of harold

Updated 6 months ago

Ruby 0 0

Ruby CGI scripts that I used to set up my website

Updated 7 months ago

C 0 0

ST patched with stuff from to work as a lighter alternative to XTerm

Updated 7 months ago

Shell 0 0

My zsh config made from scratch

Updated 7 months ago

Lua 0 0

my complicated awesomewm config (SUNSETTED)

Updated 7 months ago

Revenge of stairs.

Updated 9 months ago

A project to connect a genesis controller to USB via an Arduino board.

Updated 11 months ago

Python 0 0

the python CalDAV synced calendar

Updated 1 year ago